Bauhaus tanzt II


Bauhaus tanzt II is a project that continues the research started in the work Bauhaus tanzt , it is a new piece which exists as an independent creation as well as the continuation of Bauhaus tanzt. Woking on a same topic, we deepened our research and explored the limits of Oscar Sclemmer’s concept as well as its correlation with John Cage music. The understanding of the initial sources (Triadic ballet and Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano) was broaden by studying the other creations of Bauhaus theatre such as Pole dance and Gesture dance in addition to John Cage’s score Four4. 


  • Concept: PUC
  • Artistic direction: Maria Shurkhal
  • Music: John Cage, Amir Ahmadi, Georg Tkalec
  • Room design: Julia Maria Rohn
  • Choreography and dance: Paula Dominici, Anna Possarnig, Maria Shurkhal 
  • Costume: OVA.L
  • Technical solutions: Christian Jähnsch

The piece developed during Artistic Residency at Brick-5, curated by Kulturverein Brick-5 Forum experimenteller Dialog/Schayan Kazemi.

Austrian premiere

30 July 2018 at Brick-5, Vienna

Press feedback


 *full video available upon request