Bodies in motion – Performing the invisible

Bodies in motion – Performing the invisible is a series of debuts presented by the seven choreographers of Artil. Divided into two evenings the performances conclude a creative process of the project and give a ground for further artistic development for young artists. 

What, when and where?

Bodies in motion

The Tribe
by Katharina Ludwig, Austria

The tribe is facing a journey. A journey with no return, no coming back to that place they’ve been before. A journey that makes the invisible visible, changes perception and transforms individuals. This tribe is, as the definition of a tribe concludes, a compulsory connection by mutual cultural features. How does this connection appear, and which tensions, obstacles and decisions can this fragile bond survive before having to change? On the one hand the connection of the group itself is being tested, on the other hand the role of each individual inside the group is being questioned. How can each member showcase their own needs and wishes inside a group without counteracting the evolvement of the whole group? Together these five creatures start a journey of transformation, which will change them as a whole while still being affected separately.

by Oleksandra Lytvyn, Ukraine

Attention! Today some very important experts are at the performance, so we kindly ask you to keep yourself cool. Don’t get up from your seat, don’t laugh out loud and, please, in no case start singing. We sincerely hope that performance will enrich your experience, and just for reminder, the exit is on the right.

Reflection of Perception 
by Rita Lira, Ukraine

We’re moving through space limited by the starting and finishing points. What do our speed and movement trajectory depend on? Could the finish of our moving lead us to start again? Will it create a cycle, or even some self-closing system of cycles, ending infinitely in the beginning and starting in the end? Is there an escape from there? And is it needed anyway? 

17 Sep -Linz Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität
18 Sep – Wien OFF Theater

Performing the invisible

by Mariia Salo, Ukraine

I don’t own anything, and I couldn’t do it ever. 
I don’t own anything, and I don’t need it at all. 
I don’t own anything, but I still can change everything. 
I don’t own anything, which means I really have everything.

Imspace: The ways of light
by Daniel Leżoń, Poland

The mirror and reality show one truth. Sometimes I talk like my mother. Sometimes like my friend. I walk like my grandfather. I don’t own my name. I consist of meetings (nice to meet you then). White light consists of colors. That’s what somebody said. This is my choreography and the sense of dance. 

Alter Ego, or 7 scenes for the transformation of the Self
by Svitlana Oleksyuk, Ukraine

What if, wandering alone in your room in the evening, you take a side-glance at yourself in the mirror?.. 

Group Piece #1
by Marcela Lopez, Argentina/Austria

The most interesting part of this piece was its creative process. What is presented onstage is just one of the choice options. 


17 Sep – Wien OFF Theater
18 Sep – Linz Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität



AT: Ania Jurek, Danica Golić, Julia Müllner/ POL: Lukasz Zgórka, Natalia Gryczka, Sebastian Wiertelak /UA: Slyzka Marharyta, Sarman Dana, Slobodianiuk Krystyna, Tytarenko Iryna, Pavlishyna Valeriia, Potapenko Mariia, Mahera Oleksandra, Hordiichuk Daria, Krutogolova Mariia, Dikhtiar Dmytro.

What is Artil? 

Artil is a project that builds a bridge into the professional world for young artists through a residency program including mentorship, production support, and interdisciplinary workshops. This year, for the first time, the project takes place across Austria, Poland, and Ukraine. In such a frame, the initial (post) educational role of the project enhances itself by an intercultural format that invites exchange, collaboration and integration. 
The project is also a part of the bilateral Cultural Exchange Year between Austria and Ukraine that aims to bring together the creative potential of both countries and thereby facilitate stronger cultural and scientific cooperation between Austria and Ukraine.

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