Solve like an artist

Solve like an artist is a workshop that helps to discover creative approach in dealing with big and small problems. The core of the workshop is a situative method, when the frame is given to participants who have to find a group solution to a specific problem.


Artil is a project that builds a bridge into the professional world for young artists through a residency program including mentorship, production support, and interdisciplinary workshops. This year, for the first time, the project takes place across Austria, Poland, and Ukraine. In such a frame, the initial (post) educational role of the project enhances itself by an intercultural format that invites exchange, collaboration and integration. 

Welcome to PUCland

Welcome to PUC land is a walk in exhibition that reflect on the working method of PUC Collective in a frame of Bauhaus Tanzt II.

The church of performance witness

The church of performance witness is a draft of a monolog which reflects on cultural and historical phenomena. The project is inspired by the artistic method of Trajal Harrel, religion and Pussy Riot. The performance consists of talked through speech, improvised or set dance and karaoke singing.

Bauhaus Tanzt II

Bauhaus tanzt II is an independent creation as well as the continuation of Bauhaus tanzt. Woking on a same topic, we deepened our research and explored the limits of Oscar Sclemmer’s concept as well as its correlation with John Cage music.

Bauhaus Tanzt

Bauhaus Tanzt is an experimental reflection on the Triadic ballet created in 1922 .In our approach we relate to the method that Oscar Schlemmer suggested himself: a practical study of artist’s theory towards the historical context on stage.


Puc and Friends event celebrated 2 years anniversary of our collective! We are enternaly greatful to all the artists who took park in this beautiful evening and created magic on and off stage. PUC and Friends has alredy become a blissful sweet memory of our hearts .

Quarter of a lover

“Oh the blackness is murderous and the milk tip is brimming and each machine is working and I will kiss you when I cut up one dozen new men and you will die somewhat, again and again.” by Anne Sexton