PUC collective was founded in 2017 by the artists Anna Possarnig and Maria Shurkhal in collaboration with composer Amir A. Ahmadi. Since its debut piece Bauhaus Tanzt (I.) – which focused on the alliance of contemporary music, dance and design – PUC became a platform for transmitting/communicating/presenting interdisciplinary art. The company is based in Vienna, Austria, and functions under Verein Studio Fugu.


Artistic philosophy of the collective is grounded in a search for movement. Different artistic disciplines serve as a playground for the artist that seeks to find emotion through motion. Similar to how liquid modernity re-shapes according to circumstances, PUC re-adjust itself in relation to the needs of the project, keeping its anchor of sustainability through motion.


PUC sees itself as a collaborative project which enriches local cultural, as well as stimulates the presence of Austrian culture in the international context.


The team is dedicated to narrow the gap between art and society. PUC focuses on providing the audience with tools that make interaction with performance art easy and accessible. The outreach programs offer experience and information in form of social gatherings, workshops, and educational meeting.